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  • General rule of asphalt segregation
  •  Pseudosegregation phenomenonin graphite electrode process Asphalt segregation is a phenomenon produced by coal, bitumen and capillary action in the green body under the action of temperature, gravity and capillary action. Causes of segregat
  • Comparison of energy consumption
  •  Single chamber furnace in graphite electrode production A single chamber furnace consists of a fuel combustion chamber, a roasting chamber, a volatile combustion chamber, a chimney, and the like. Comparison of energy consumption The energy
  • Advantages of secondary impregnation
  •  Advantages of secondary impregnation of impregnated graphite electrode 1. Improve the yield of the graphitization process. 2. Reduce the power consumption of the graphitization process. 3. A large reduction in the decomposition gas of the a
  • Coking cause of filler
  •  Metallurgical coke is broken and used as roasting filler After the metallurgical coke is broken, it is used as a roasting filler. Although the coke powder has poor thermal conductivity and high adsorption, it is not easy to be cleaned on th
  • Advantages of the car bottom roaster
  •  7 advantages of the car bottom roaster in graphite electrode 1. During the roasting process, the flue gas in the furnace is always in the circulating convection state by the high temperature fan at the top of the furnace. Therefore, the tem
  • Reasons for large temperature fluctuations
  •  The downdraft kiln is produced separately for each kiln in graphite electrode The downdraft kiln is produced separately for each kiln, which requires 288-480h for one roasting cycle including furnace charging, heating, cooling, unloading an
  • Spraying method to cool the flue gas
  •  The disadvantages of the old ring furnace in graphite electrode The disadvantage of the old ring furnace is that the temperature difference between the upper and lower chambers is large, which seriously affects the uniformity of the quality
  • Covered furnace has 2 structures
  •  There are 6 kinds of roasters used. The roasters used are: ring roaster, tunnel kiln, downdraft kiln, underfloor roaster, rotary bed roaster, single chamber furnace, etc. There are 2 kinds of ring roasters. The ring roaster is divided into
  • The existence of temperature difference during roasting
  •  The existence of temperature difference during roasting The temperature difference is not only expressed at the end of the calcination temperature rise, but also in the whole process of calcination. The faster the temperature rise rate, the
  • The roasting process of graphite electrode
  •  5 stages in the roasting process of graphite electrode 1. The coal pitch is in a molten state, and the green body begins to soften. 2. The volatile phase is discharged in a large amount, 3. Asphalt begins to undergo strong polycondensation

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Zhengzhou Zhengnai Industry co., LTD. was incorporated in 2011, is a comprehensive in China which enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. Graphite products : Graphite Electrodes, Graphite crucibles,Graphite blocks Advantages: high quality, good service, best price. ZhengNai is a well-known supplier in Graphite Electrode field in China for its large scale, environmental protection and high level equipment. The main products are Regular Power Graphite Electrode/high power Graphite Electrode/Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode/Super High Power Graphite Electrode/Electric ARC Furnace Graphite Electrode . Our products are sold all over China and exported to six continents.Over 30 countries and regions. Sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad, and cooperate with us to create a better future hand in hand! E-mail: zhengnaishiye@gmail.com Tel:+86 0371-65328166 Mobile:+86 19903830057...