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  • The existence of temperature difference during roasting
  •  The existence of temperature difference during roasting The temperature difference is not only expressed at the end of the calcination temperature rise, but also in the whole process of calcination. The faster the temperature rise rate, the
  • The roasting process of graphite electrode
  •  5 stages in the roasting process of graphite electrode 1. The coal pitch is in a molten state, and the green body begins to soften. 2. The volatile phase is discharged in a large amount, 3. Asphalt begins to undergo strong polycondensation
  • The significance of measuring the density of green body
  •  There are 2 reasons why the length is not up to standard. Reasons for the length of the substandard: 1. The length of the green body is incorrectly measured. 2. The control valve and the cutter operating mechanism are malfunctioning, so the
  • Product surface crack regulations
  •  Green defect type Green defects are defects in the appearance of the green body or internal non-compliance with technical standards. The green defects are generally observed with the naked eye. If necessary, the surface of the green body is
  • Green body swelling in graphite electrode
  •  Compression ratio definition in graphite electrode The compression ratio is the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the chamber of the extruder to the cross-sectional area of the extruded product during extrusion. Small tonnage extruder ca
  • Upper surface contact specific pressure selection
  •  Upper surface contact specific pressure selection The upper surface contact specific pressure also has an effect on increasing the green density and shortening the vibration time.When standing upright, the green contact pressure of the larg
  • Reasons for green cooling
  •  Reasons for green cooling in graphite electrode The green body just leaving the extrusion nozzle maintains a high temperature, cuts to the required length, and is immersed in cold water to prevent the green body from being deformed. Vibrati
  • Assembly of the extruder
  •  Assembly of the extruder in graphite electrode 1. The main residence plug and the main residence plug hydraulic cylinder, 2. The material chamber; 3. The extrusion nozzle that can be replaced as needed, 4. The secondary plunger and the seco
  • Extrusion process of graphite electrode
  •  Factors that determine the fluidity of the paste The flow characteristics of the paste during extrusion depend on the type of paste, the temperature of the extrusion process, the shape of the nozzle and the surface finish, and the extrusion
  • Mechanical properties of raw material
  •  Mechanical properties of carbon paste in graphite electrode The change in mechanical properties over time is called mechanical relaxation, including stress relaxation, creep and dynamic mechanical properties. Stress relaxation definition St

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Zhengzhou Zhengnai Industry co., LTD. was incorporated in 2011, is a comprehensive in China which enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. Graphite products : Graphite Electrodes, Graphite crucibles,Graphite blocks Advantages: high quality, good service, best price. ZhengNai is a well-known supplier in Graphite Electrode field in China for its large scale, environmental protection and high level equipment. The main products are Regular Power Graphite Electrode/high power Graphite Electrode/Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode/Super High Power Graphite Electrode/Electric ARC Furnace Graphite Electrode . Our products are sold all over China and exported to six continents.Over 30 countries and regions. Sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad, and cooperate with us to create a better future hand in hand! E-mail: zhengnaishiye@gmail.com Tel:+86 0371-65328166 Mobile:+86 19903830057...