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Assembly of the extruder

Release time:2019-12-11 From: Zhengnai Industry in China

Assembly of the extruder in graphite electrode 

  • 1. The main residence plug and the main residence plug hydraulic cylinder,
  • 2. The material chamber;
  • 3. The extrusion nozzle that can be replaced as needed,
  • 4. The secondary plunger and the secondary plunger hydraulic cylinder located on both sides of the main plunger,
  • 5. Squeeze Press front bracket, extrusion nozzle, shearing device,
  • 6. Pressing the blank receiving table and cooling channel.

The reason why our factory adopts extrusion molding

Because the production efficiency of extrusion molding is relatively high, it is the molding method mainly used by our factory.

5 steps of extrusion in graphite electrode 

Extrusion can be broken down into five operations: cooling, charging, pre-pressing, extrusion, and green cooling.

Extrusion process parameters are mutually constrained

The main process parameters of extrusion molding are cooling material temperature, chamber and extrusion nozzle temperature, pre-pressing pressure and pre-pressing time, extrusion pressure and extrusion speed. These process parameters are mutually restricted.

Purpose of the cool material

The purpose of the cooling material is to uniformly cool the paste discharged from the kneader to a suitable temperature and to sufficiently discharge the mixed gas.

Cool equipment has 3

Cooling equipment has a round and simple cooling machine, a double shaft stirring and cooling machine, a disc cooling machine

Cooling temperature affects yield

How to control the temperature of the cooling material depends on the process parameters such as the temperature at which the kneader discharges the paste, the softening point and the amount of the binder, and the process parameters. Maintaining the stability of the cooling temperature has a great bearing on the yield of extrusion.

Preloading purpose

The purpose of pre-pressing is to remove the gas trapped in the paste mass and increase the density of the paste.

Multiple factors affect extrusion pressure and speed

Extrusion pressure and extrusion speed are affected by many factors, such as the temperature of the chamber and the extrusion nozzle, the deformation of the extrusion nozzle curve, the plastic state of the paste, etc.

Size of graphite electrode

Item Unit UHP
300-600mm 650-800mm
Electric resistivity Electrode μΩm 4.8-5.8 4.6-5.8
Nipple 3.8-4.5 3.8-4.5
Flexural strength Electrode Mpa 10.0-14.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 20.0-26.0 22.0-26.0
Elastic modulus Electrode Gpa 9.0-13.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 15.0-18.0 15.0-18.0
Bulk density Electrode ≥g/cm3 1.68-1.74 1.70-1.74
Nipple 1.77-1.82 1.78-1.84
CTE(100-600℃) Electrode x10-6/℃ 1.1-1.4 1.1-1.4
Nipple 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2
Ash   0.3 0.3

The extrusion speed is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional size

The extrusion speed is not only affected by the extrusion pressure, but also inversely proportional to the cross-sectional size of the extruded semi-finished product.

2 benefits of fast extrusion speed

The extrusion speed is fast, which can increase the output of the press, but appropriately reducing the extrusion speed is beneficial to increase the density of the green body.