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The proper temperature will make the paste look good. The heating temperature is not higher, the better, the heating temperature is too high, the composition of the coal tar pitch changes, the low molecular components in the coal tar pitch

3 methods of electric heating in graphite electrode Electric heating methods include resistance wire heating. Power frequency induction coil heating. Heating using electric heating elements. Advantages of electric heating kneader The electr

Countercurrent powerful kneading machine in graphite electrode Counter-current powerful kneading machine is a new type of kneading equipment. It is used as a dry material mixing equipment in casting, glass production and other industries. I

Plastic size determinant The size of the plastic exhibited by the paste as a whole during the extrusion process is mainly determined by the relative amount of free pitch between the gums and the extrusion temperature. Why choose our graphit

Definition of wetting Wetting refers to the process in which a liquid is in contact with a solid, a liquid-vapor phase interface, a solid-gas phase boundary, and a solid-liquid phase interface. When the liquid asphalt is in contact with the

The main role of kneading is 3 points. 1. Various sizes of aggregate and powder are uniformly mixed, this mixing is carried out before the binder is added (dry blending). 2. After adding the binder, kneading to form the binder film on all t

Advantages of electronic scales compared to mechanical lever scales Compared with the mechanical lever scale, the electronic scale has the advantages of simple mechanical structure, small maintenance workload, and can form a weighing operat

The batching operation is a weighing process The batching operation is mainly a weighing process, which requires accurate weighing, minimizes the fluctuation range, and maintains the stability of the actual ingredient results. Shipping of g

The role of small and medium particles and fine powder Fine powder is to fill the voids of large particles, appropriately increase the proportion of fine powder used, which is beneficial to increase the density and mechanical strength of th

Definition of coke particles on the adsorption of coal tar pitch The adsorption of coke particles on coal tar pitch is the result of the adsorption of coke particles on liquid coal tar pitch under certain conditions. Graphite electrode for

We are the graphite electrode supplier in China Graphite electrode is an important conductive material in electric steelmaking or other electric metallurgy industry.We are a manufacturer and supplier of graphite electrode with price advanta

Particle back expansion coefficient definition The coke particles whose particle resilience coefficient is a quantitative specified size range are pressurized by a standard method, and the height of the surface at the time of pressurization

Roasting definition The roasting is a general term for waste products produced after calcination of charcoal products and materials such as carbon blocks and carbonaceous electrodes during processing. Adding roasting to improve the mechanic

Ingredients in graphite electrode process Ingredients are the key processes in the production process of charcoal products. The preparation of the various types of charcoal products and the correctness and stability of the batching operatio

2 types of return materials in graphite electrode According to the ash content of the return material, it can be divided into two categories: multi-ash return material and low ash return material. Multi-ash return material definition The wa

Common 3 crushing and screening processes in graphite electrode 1. The process of first screening and then breaking 2. Graphite crushing and crushing process 3. Fragmentation process Composition of equipment for sieving needle coke When usi

Graphite electrode impregnation production system Our medium and small diameter products use low vacuum, low pressure impregnation production systems. The impregnation tanks are available in horizontal or vertical type and are generally pre

The importance of cylindrical sieve in graphite electrode The advantage of the cylindrical sieve is that the structure is simple and easy to operate, but the disadvantages are that the screening efficiency is low and the screening accuracy