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The difference between crushing and milling The crushing is to change the larger block material into smaller pieces or granular materials, and the grinding is to grind small pieces or granular materials into powdery materials. 5 levels of s

2 reasons for calcining petroleum coke rotary kiln The speed of movement of the raw material in the rotary kiln, the time of the raw material passing through the rotary kiln and the calculation of the filling rate in the kiln. 1 measure to

Rotary kiln structure It is mainly composed of kiln body, kiln head, kiln tail, support wheel, rim, retaining wheel, transmission device, sealing device, fuel nozzle and exhaust system. The rotary kiln body is a cylinder welded by steel pla

An important means of testing the degree of calcination Determination of the electrical resistivity of the calcined coke is an important means to test the degree of calcination. The change of resistivity of petroleum coke during calcination

Definition of calcination The high-temperature heat treatment of various solid carbonaceous raw materials under air-insulated conditions is called calcination. Calcination is an important process in the production of carbon products, and th

5 types of coking process There are two kinds of coking processes for early production of petroleum coke: 1. kettle coking, 2. flat furnace coking. At present, there are three commonly used production processes: 1. delayed coking, 2. fluid

Cylindrical nipple connection is more self-locking The self locking property of cylindrical nipple is better than conical nipple. We suggest you choose the cylindrical connector first. Self-locking force definition of nipple The self-lockin

Relationship between elastic modulus and stress The greater the modulus of elasticity, the greater the stress required to produce a certain degree of elastic deformation, or the less the elastic deformation produced under a certain stress.

Porosity definition Porosity refers to the percentage of the pore volume in the test block to the total volume of the test piece. From the perspective of macroscopic structure, various carbonaceous raw materials, charcoal products and graph

Product preheating temperature and warm-up time The preheating temperature and preheating time of the product have certain influence on the impregnation quality and the impregnation production cost. The insufficient preheating temperature w

Graphite electrodes are important conductive materials Graphite electrode is an important conductive material in electric steelmaking or other electric metallurgy industry. With the development of electric steelmaking and other electric met

The difference between artificial graphite electrode and natural graphite electrode Graphite electrode is the use of petroleum coke and pitch coke as grain, coal pitch as binder, after calcining, broken, ingredients, kneading, molding, baki

The advantages and disadvantages of graphite electrodes . The quality of graphite electrode mainly depends on the performance of raw materials production equipment and technology, among which the performance of raw materials is the basic co

Preheating furnace Our company adopts an improved preheating furnace, cancels the gas burning furnace, and uses the adjustable high-speed gas nozzle to directly generate high-temperature flame gas on the preheating furnace. After the transf

Graphitization Graphitization is a change in solid phase at high temperature. Based on the motion caused by thermal energy, the structure of carbon element microcrystalline transits from disorder to ordered state, which is the structural ch

Advantages of graphite electrodes with anti-oxidation coating As a result of actual use, the graphite electrode with anti-oxidation coating can reduce the net consumption of electrode per ton of electric furnace steel by 20%~30% compared wi

Graphite electrode is a consumable material Graphite electrodes are consumable materials. Although only a few kilograms of graphite electrodes are consumed per ton of electric furnace steel, the price of graphite electrodes is relatively hi

Convex and concave connection One end of the electrode is processed into a screw hole with conical female thread, and the other end is processed into conical male thread of corresponding size. The connection between the two electrodes is re