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Graphite electrodes are important conductive materials Graphite electrode is an important conductive material in electric steelmaking or other electric metallurgy industry. With the development of electric steelmaking and other electric met

The difference between artificial graphite electrode and natural graphite electrode Graphite electrode is the use of petroleum coke and pitch coke as grain, coal pitch as binder, after calcining, broken, ingredients, kneading, molding, baki

The advantages and disadvantages of graphite electrodes . The quality of graphite electrode mainly depends on the performance of raw materials production equipment and technology, among which the performance of raw materials is the basic co

Preheating furnace Our company adopts an improved preheating furnace, cancels the gas burning furnace, and uses the adjustable high-speed gas nozzle to directly generate high-temperature flame gas on the preheating furnace. After the transf

Graphitization Graphitization is a change in solid phase at high temperature. Based on the motion caused by thermal energy, the structure of carbon element microcrystalline transits from disorder to ordered state, which is the structural ch

Advantages of graphite electrodes with anti-oxidation coating As a result of actual use, the graphite electrode with anti-oxidation coating can reduce the net consumption of electrode per ton of electric furnace steel by 20%~30% compared wi

Graphite electrode is a consumable material Graphite electrodes are consumable materials. Although only a few kilograms of graphite electrodes are consumed per ton of electric furnace steel, the price of graphite electrodes is relatively hi

Convex and concave connection One end of the electrode is processed into a screw hole with conical female thread, and the other end is processed into conical male thread of corresponding size. The connection between the two electrodes is re

Graphitized resistor Use metallurgical coke or graphitized metallurgical coke as resistance material The resistance material acts as resistance heating, and metallurgical coke or graphitized metallurgical coke particles are usually used as

Causes of wire expansion in electrodes and nipples Because the contact resistance in the connection area is always higher than the body resistance, the nipple temperature is always higher than the temperature of the electrode at the same ho

Effect of furnace temperature distribution on product quality The quality of graphitized products is mainly related to temperature. The temperature distribution in the core of the Acheson graphitization furnace is very uneven. Generally, th

Graphite electrode processing The graphite electrode processing is divided into two independent processing parts of the electrode body and the nipple. The electrode body processing includes three units of operation such as outer circle of t

True density definition True density refers to the mass of material per unit volume of material excluding pores. Commonly used measurement methods are solvent replacement, gas replacement, and X-ray diffractometry. Approximate value by solv

Porosity definition Porosity refers to the percentage of the pore volume in the test block to the total volume of the test piece. From the perspective of macroscopic structure, various carbonaceous raw materials, charcoal products and graph

Two methods for determining thermal conductivity There are various methods for determining the thermal conductivity of a graphite electrode, such as a steady state heat flow method and a laser pulse method. The medium-temperature thermal co

Definition of thermal shock resistance The performance that a graphite electrode can withstand a drastic change in temperature when it is used at a high temperature without being destroyed is called thermal shock resistance. Thermal shock r

The carrier weight loss includes two aspects of loss Oxidation starts from the surface of the graphite electrode, oxidation causes the surface structure to be loose, and a small amount of graphite particles on the surface is dropped. At thi

The difference between raw coke and calcined coke The raw coke is obtained by delayed coking, contains a large amount of volatile matter, and has low mechanical strength. The calcined coke is obtained by calcination of raw coke. Sponge coke