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Salt in crude oil remains in coke The salt in the crude oil is mostly enriched in the residue after distillation or cracking, and a small portion is deposited in the furnace tube, vessel, and equipment, and most of the salt in the residue r

Asphalt coke definition Asphalt coke is a solid combustible product obtained by coking coal tar pitch.Asphalt coke is a high-quality coke with low sulfur and low ash, and it is also an easily graphitizable carbon. Asphalt coke can be divide

Definition of coke volatiles The volatile matter of coke indicates the distillation temperature of coke and the degree of heat uniformity at high temperatures. Different volatilization levels lead to different coke appearances The coke with

Reasons for the use of binders and impregnants in the production of graphite electrodes In addition to the raw material petroleum coke and pitch coke, the production of graphite electrode requires the use of a certain amount of binder to bo

Definition and use of coal tar pitch Coal tar is the solid or semi-solid product left after the distillation of coal tar. It is one of the main products of coal chemical industry. Coal tar is widely used in various industries. 4 different s

Paraffin wax Paraffin wax is a product after petroleum processing. It is made from the waxy fraction of natural petroleum or artificial petroleum by cold pressing or solvent dewaxing, sweating and the like. Paraffin form Paraffin wax is an