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Graphite block

Graphite block

  • Description:Graphite is utilized in a number of different applications and industries due to its advantageous physical properties, and one of the best ways to purchase graphite for some applications is to simply buy graphite blocks from a graphite supp
Detailed Description

Graphite is utilized in a number of different applications and industries due to its advantageous physical properties, and one of the best ways to purchase graphite for some applications is to simply buy graphite blocks from a graphite supplier. Graphite is known as the most stable form of carbon that is found under standard conditions and because of this it can be found in a series of different types of applications from brake linings and pencils to use in steelmaking and electric motor brushes. Also known for its very high melting point, graphite makes for a great material to use in permanent molding processes in the manufacturing world. These high quality industrial molds can be made from graphite blocks, which are then tooled and fabricated into a detailed mold; molten material is then poured into the mold and allowed to harden. This harden material is then brought through secondary finishing processes, but is generally in the final shape once it leaves the graphite mold.

Size of graphite block

Graphite blocks allow for an individual or company to produce their own graphite products such as graphite molds or any other form of graphite based product without having to go through the process of getting the graphite from its natural state into a block form which is easy to work with. Graphite block suppliers typically offer a wide range of sizes when it comes to their blocks, obviously the size of the block that you will require is heavily dependent on your unique application and tooling process.


Applications of graphite block

As stated before the use of a graphite block has a very wide range and graphite suppliers work with a number of different industries in order to provide graphite blocks for applications such as run out plates, heating elements, furnace parts, boats, gas nozzles, brazing fixtures, runners, batteries and so many other applications.

Finding the right graphite block manufacturer comes down to evaluating your needs and requirements and bringing them to a number of different suppliers in order to determine which supplier is a good fit for you and your application. While the graphite is typically the same at each supplier, the sizes which a supplier can provide range from business to business with some even offering custom saw-cut sizes in order to ensure that you find the right sized graphite block for your application.

Graphite Blocks - Machined to your specification

Large Graphite Blocks.Olmec supply a range of grades and sizes of graphites and carbons in block form. Raw material sizes start from 50mm x 50mm cross section, to blocks as large as 500mm x 500mm x 1850mm.
Synthetic graphite blocks are available as fine, medium and coarse grained graphites.

Fine grained graphite blocks

Fine grained graphite blocks are available up to a certain size. Our range is extremely extensive. We supply blocks up to 300mm x 600mm x 1200mm with other sizes available upon request.

Medium grained graphite blocks

Medium grained graphite blocks are available up to a size of 375mm x 915mm x 3100mm. Other sizes are available upon request.

Coarse grained graphite blocks

This area of supply is not normally an area in which Olmec offer. We tend not to deal with coarse grained graphites because we specialise in other areas.
Coarse Grained Graphite BlocksOlmec can machine these grades using our extensive range of lathes, saws, grinders and machining centres. We use Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems with our CNC machinery providing rapid and accurate machined graphite components. The image below gives an indication of the intricate level of machining that our software and machinery can produce.
We are pleased to offer advice on which grade will be most suitable for your application.
Early contact before new designs are fully formulated is often beneficial; we can guide you through the range of parameters requiring consideration. This can help you make your design more functional.

Packaging & Shipping

Our company has a special storage warehouse and storage method to ensure the safety of graphite products storage.
Packed with plastic bags, with water-proof cover , and tightened with plastic bandages or according to your request


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