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Quick delivery 1.Graphite electrodes are covered with rainproof tarpaulin during long-distance transportation. 2.When unloading the electrodes packed with wooden cases by hoisting machine, the steel wire rope must be used. The steel packing

The validity period of quotation of our companys products is generally 30 days.However, it can also be extended or shortened according to the needs of customers. We are passionate and professional about our work What makes us different is t

High Quality of Graphite Electrode Our company insists on selecting high-quality raw materials from home and abroad to ensure that the production and use of high-quality products are made of high-quality domestic and foreign high-quality oi

Storage 1.The electrodes should be stored in a clean and dry place; Temporarily unused electrodes and nipples do not remove the packaging, to prevent Dust and sundries fall on the thread or inside the electrode hole, which affects the accur


Our company has local distributors Our company has agents in Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries. At present, we are also discussing cooperation with companies from different countries. The dealer can meet your needs, and we


Our advantages are not only our product quality but also our service attitude. This mainly depends on our company has a professional technical team and excellent service team. Our staff have friendly attitude and professional technical know


Time of establishment of our company Our company is a local enterprise in China, which has been established for nearly ten years. Our company has rich industry experience and technology. Our products are of extraordinary quality. Our graphi

Products quality Stable product quality, all series products can meet the national standards and has a long service life in actual use and good reputation at home abroad. Overall strength of the company Zhengzhou Zhengnai Industry co., LTD.


Competitive Price The price of our companys products is very reasonable, even lower than the market price. At the same time, the quality of our products is very good and can meet international standards. Our price is very competitive. You c

Our company welcomes your representatives to visit our company, and our company will do a good job in reception, so that you can have a pleasant journey. Attention 1. There are many aspects involved in the business investigation, which need

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