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About product quality and inspection

Release time:2019-11-01 From: Zhengnai Industry in China

High Quality of Graphite Electrode

Our company insists on selecting high-quality raw materials from home and abroad to ensure that the production and use of high-quality products are made of high-quality domestic and foreign high-quality oil, high-quality needle coke and tar.

Product testing

The whole process is timely online control ,Control the details of the whole process to ensure quality stability   
  • 1.The raw materials can only be checked and used after they are accepted by the factory testing.
  • 2. The data and information collected by the production process are timely integrated and analyzed online. 
  • 3. The semi-finished products and process inspection data and information enter the information platform in time for online integrated statistical analysis and judgment. 
  • 4. Raw materials, process inspection, semi-finished products and finished products testing equipment, continuously updated reached the international advanced level, to ensure that testing is accurate, efficient and analysis with viscosity analyzer,such as asphalt and petroleum coke needle coke with tap density, grain size analysis with laser granulometer, grinding powder purity on-line detection automatic control, cutting tool and measuring tool detection is equipped with universal tool microscope, processing size detection is equipped with imported ring gauge and plug gauge, etc. 
  • 5. The finished product size and physical and chemical index inspection data are timely entered into the information-based platform for online integrated statistical analysis and judgment, and each electrode and each nipple sent to the user can be tracked for quality.

Our company's product quality management in line with ISO9001 requirements of the whole process of implementation, to ensure the high stability of product quality.
Our products are up to the standard, and will be delivered to the buyer only after the perfect test.