Our company is enterprising manufacture,supply and export of graphite products.

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Company Profile

Release time:2019-11-01 From: Zhengnai Industry in China

Time of establishment of our company

Our company is a local enterprise in China, which has been established for nearly ten years.
Our company has rich industry experience and technology. Our products are of extraordinary quality. Our graphite electrodes not only have long service life, but also meet the standards.


Well-known manufacturer & supplier

ZhengNai is a well-known supplier in Graphite Electrode field in China for its large scale, environmental protection and high level equipment. The main products are Regular Power Graphite Electrode/high power Graphite Electrode/Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode/Super High Power Graphite Electrode/Electric ARC Furnace Graphite Electrode .

We have engineer with rich experience.

The company appointed and employed the well-known expert  as the technical adviser, and established technology R&D center for the production and new products and materials’ research. The main managers in different divisions of the company are all have the corresponding senior or middle professional titles. They have professional ability to communicate with customers timely and can handle with customers’ demands effectively. Also there are specialists who are responsible for the customers’ after-sales work.

Our target

1.Zhengnai Industrial has established complete quality system and conducted quality control 
2.Our Products with excellent performance, to meet the needs of users, users have produced huge economic and social benefits, by the user's trust and praise, some products won the ministry of excellence, provincial excellence title. 
3.We have our own professional insulation construction team, construction guidance technical personnel, so that users use our products in the process of rest assured, at ease.