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Dealer And Serve

Release time:2019-11-01 From: Zhengnai Industry in China

Our company has local distributors

Our company has agents in Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries.
At present, we are also discussing cooperation with companies from different countries.
The dealer can meet your needs, and we can. Please believe in the quality of our products and our ability to work.

To serve our customers wholeheartedly

We have good cooperation with shipping companies, agents ,local customs and port authority. Make sure we deliver on time.No matter which link you have questions, we will provide service for you.

Product quality is our guarantee

I.Stable product quality, all series products can meet the national standards;
II.A long service life in actual use and good reputation at home & abroad.
III.Our products can pass all kinds of tests, and the quality is also our selling point. So you can rest assured that the purchase. If there is anything unclear, our professional staff will answer it for you.

We welcome your Suggestions at any time

If there is any problem in the process of our cooperation, please contact us immediately, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

We are passionate and professional about our work

What makes us different is that we are passionate and professional about our products and services and support our quality.Because of our professional attitude, we can give you professional answers and effectively solve your problems.

We are here waiting for you.