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Product storage and transportation

Release time:2019-11-01 From: Zhengnai Industry in China


  • 1.The electrodes should be stored in a clean and dry place; Temporarily unused electrodes and nipples do not remove the packaging, to prevent Dust and sundries fall on the thread or inside the electrode hole, which affects the accuracy of the product docking.
  • 2.The electrodes stacked on open fields must be covered with rainproof tarpaulin.
  • 3.Electrodes should be stored neatly in the warehouse ,Both sides of the Electrode stack should be padded , To prevent slippery stack.
  • 4.The stack height of the bulk electrode is usually less than 2.8 meters, The height of the box electrode should not exceed 4 layers.
  • 5.The temperature of the place where the nipples are stored should not be too high to Prevent bituminous nipples from melting.


  • 1.Graphite electrodes are covered with rainproof tarpaulin during long-distance transportation.
  • 2.When unloading the electrodes packed with wooden cases by hoisting machine, the steel wire rope must be used. The steel packing belt of the electrode shall not be directly hoisted and unloaded.
  • 3.To protect the end face and thread of the electrode, the electrode shall not be transported directly by steel hook to hooking.
  • 4.When loading and unloading joint box, handle with care to prevent thread damage.

Our company has a special storage warehouse and storage method to ensure the safety of graphite electrode storage.

Parameter of graphite electrode

Item Unit UHP
300-600mm 650-800mm
Electric resistivity Electrode μΩm 4.8-5.8 4.6-5.8
Nipple 3.8-4.5 3.8-4.5
Flexural strength Electrode Mpa 10.0-14.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 20.0-26.0 22.0-26.0
Elastic modulus Electrode Gpa 9.0-13.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 15.0-18.0 15.0-18.0
Bulk density Electrode ≥g/cm3 1.68-1.74 1.70-1.74
Nipple 1.77-1.82 1.78-1.84
CTE(100-600℃) Electrode x10-6/℃ 1.1-1.4 1.1-1.4
Nipple 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2
Ash   0.3 0.3

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